The call of the land

The roots of La Pietra del Focolare winery are deeply linked to its territory. Everything begins in the area of Colli di Luni, the last strip of Liguria just before its landscape harmoniously merges with Tuscany, while drawing its distinctive natural architecture made up of small reliefs and sunny level tracts of land. It is a story that arises in the nineteenth-century sharecropping of Angelini’s great-grandparents. It tells about life, devotion and gratitude towards the manual labor of the land, linked to the passing of the seasons and handed down over time, as a part of the everyday life, to grandfather Rino and his wife Giovanna, up to the new generations.


Once upon a time, there was a small cellar, originally an old dance hall, set up with chestnut barrels and managed by Uncle Cambrà – an exceptional vintner – where the grapes from three estate farms in Luni, Becco, Bandiella and Gaggio were gathered.

The strong “call” of a simple and pure lifestyle combined with the passion for viticulture, is passed down as a natural inheritance to Laura and Stefano, who transformed all this into a real job.

At the end of the 1990s, Laura and Stefano replaced part of the chestnut barrels with stainless steel tanks and created a new vinicultural reality dedicated to the production of 1,000 bottles of Vermentino. Here, Solarancio arises in honor of the big orange sun – symbol of the winery and today of its seven labels – that sets slowly over the sea from the hills of Sarticola.

Today, working together and full time, Laura, her husband Stefano and her daughter Linda have managed to turn their own dream into a small winery of excellence in Italian viticulture.

Stefano Salvetti is La Pietra – the stone – owner of the winery together with his wife Laura and winemaker, a real “vine’s guardian” who cultivates and nurtures grapevines with great and meticulous passion. He was a speleologist and now has become a painter-hermit, so strong is his loves for a deep merge into the purest nature.

Laura Angelini is the Focolare – the fireplace or heart and home –  owner and Ceo of the winery, who coordinates the commercial sector. She often works in the vineyards and in the cellar due to her own unique passion. She is exceptionally devoted to her work and cooking-addicted! She always smiles to everyone naturally and gives helpful energy.

Linda Salvetti is Laura and Stefano’s heat of the fireplace or heart and home. She is their young daughter, who is now in charge of the Marketing and Communication field of the winery, along with the Public Relations sector in hospitality and tasting. She is a Strategic Communication student, new-sommelier and lover of travels and books.